Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of working from 9am - 5pm? Does your boss treat you anyway he/she dims fit? Are you among the UNLUCKY ones who have been retrenched recently? Where you FORCEFULLY retired by your company? Is Your Salary SO LITTLE that you can hardly take care of yourself and family? Have you just been FIRED or never been HIRED?

If you answer "YES" to two or more questions,'re NOT alone.......NOT by a long shot......

Workers now are being fired and retrenched without ANY good excuse. For instance, the year 2009 ended on a sour note for those who LOST their jobs in the mass retrenchment carried out by some top banks in the country. This has increased the population of unemployed citizens we are having now.
What about those who still have jobs......

Authorities in most companies are making the life of their workers.......a living HELL! Imagine, a friend of mine told me that his boss threatened to reduce his salary if he doesn't come to work on Sundays! USE GOD'S DAY FOR WORK? HELL NO!


It is high time you create for yourself, a business/money making venture that would give you the opportunity to .........

Be your own boss

Control your work hours without stress

Stay at home and earn as much as you desire

Employ people into your own business as you grow in the near future


You will be surprised at the requirements that are needed to start your very own business. If you must know, these are the same things your "OGA" (if you are unemployed, then allow me to use the phrase "OGA THEM") used in creating the business they now own.

They are :

A start up capital (Don't be afraid! You can start with as low as N5000)

Acquire necessary business skill and information

Your Hardwork

Raising a start up capital & working with your energy are NOT the problem (yes o. you have to work as "no food for lazy man" .....). But the major problem is acquiring the right information and adequate training to start a business.

If that has been your problem? Then look no further ............

"You Are About To INSTANTLY Receive 23 Money Making Information Products For Almost FREE"

This is NOT one of those "GET RICH QUICK" one-time-offers that you usually see on the internet. If you have being reading this letter very carefully, you would have noticed that I NEVER promised you "quick riches". NO!

In fact, if you take advantage of this offer and don't follow the instructions as stated,....

..... YOU WILL NEVER MAKE A DIME! you wanna see all the killer products I lined up for you? Here there are.......

Product #1

How To Make N100,000 Monthly with SMS Business
This report will show you how to start a successful and flourishing Bulk SMS business capable of pulling in N75,000 or more per month all from sending text messages to people.
VALUE: N5000

Product #2

My First Affiliate Dollar – 48 Hour Action Plan
If you need a step by step guide to affiliate marketing, then this is the number one report that you must have. It is so simple that you will kick-start your affiliate marketing campaign and earn your first dollar within the next 48 hours.
VALUE: N3000
Product #3
The Ghost Blueprint - Money In The Bank in 17 days
Let Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, the author of Quick Cash and this report show you with pictures how to do so.
You might not be able to make the kind of money you need in as little as 17 days but you will be able to make it as fast as possible.

VALUE: N3500

Product #4
How To Make 100k Per Year Selling Information Online
Bob Bly, a renowned internet marketing reveals his inner chamber secrets of how he makes $100,000 annually by selling simple information using the internet.

VALUE: N4500

Product #5
Code 3 - The 3 Step Secret System That Keeps Putting Money in Your Bank Account Like An Invisible Paymaster
Oluwatoyin Omotosho shows you in this report to see how you can make money from simple ideas and knowledge that you possess right now.

VALUE: N3500

Product #6
How To Open and Verify PayPal Account Here In Nigeria
As I compile this letter, they are still people who charge as much as N5,000 just to open a PayPal account for clients.
Get this step by step manual and save your money

VALUE: N2500
Product #7
How To Make $300 Monthly Uploading Video To YouTube
Very soon, video marketing would take over the internet.....
Sorry, it has taken over the internet. See the sneaky method on how to uploading videos can make you $300 richer every month

VALUE: N1900
Product #8
20 Ways To Make Money On Facebook
Are you on Facebook? Do you only chat or disturb people on Facebook?
Then it is time for you to start think of ways to make money on FaceBook rather than wasting your precious time. Dennis Isong of ExpertHost Forum has done that for you through this report.

VALUE: N1500
Product #9
How To Register Your Business Name With CAC Without A Lawyer
It is HIGH TIME YOU STOP paying agents and lawyers extra charges to register your Business name.

You can save N50,000 for doing this.

This report tells you exactly how to go about it.

VALUE: N7000
Product #10
FootBall Betting Revelator
I am no expert in this field. But one thing I can assure you is that football betting is making millions of Nigerians, thousands of naira each week.
Let Seun Ajala take you on this very lucrative business using this step by step report.
VALUE: N3500

Product #11
2 in 1 Software - The Web Accelerator & I.P. Changer
This is one software that I really cherishes. It changes both your I.P. address and increases the speed of your internet connection by 200%.
You doubt me? Then try it out for yourself

VALUE: N3500
Product #12
Beginner2HERO - The Proven Step By Step Things You Must Do In Order To Move Your Online Business To The Next Level
Are you an online business man or a newbie into into internet marketing?
Then this is the Internet Bible. IT'S YOURS!

VALUE: N4500
Product #13
N400 Into N70,000 - How To Turn N400 Recharge Card Into N70k In 30 Days

If you need more money, this report will tell you how you can start a brand new business with just N400 recharge card and turn in pure profits of N70K or more within the first 30 days.

Product #14
How To Watch DSTV on Your Laptop/PC For FREE!
You might be surprised. I doubted the authenticity of this secret but I was opportuned to test it firsthand.
This step by step guide shows you everything you need to know

Product #15
How To Make Your First $1,000 Online In Just 30 Days!
Ewen Chia's is the world's No. 1 internet marketer.
In this report, he pens down 9 ways you can make $1000 following a simple model.
It is a must have and read.
VALUE: $97 / N14,550
Product #16

How To Own Your Money Making Domain Name Registration Company Site
If you an internet marketer, then you should know that domain name business is one that will never diminish.
If you are a total novice, than here is a step by step book to help you start one from scratch.

VALUE: N3500
Product #17
Web Hosting Business - How Anyone, Anywhere In Nigeria Can Start A Highly Proftable Web Hosting Company in 30 minutes . .
Web Hosting is one booming business in Nigeria.
Let Onome Maureen take you by the hand on how to start yours today.
VALUE: N1500
Product #18
How to Download ANY Expensive, Ebook, Software and Other Packages Online Without EVER Paying a DIME!
You would hardly believe that this is possible. But it is.
Find out the secrets methods in downloading softwares and ebooks for FREE

VALUE: N1500
Product #19
Online Forum Cash
Do you know that you can make tremendous amount of money on forums like,,
This report details how I used a technique that a 22 year old undergraduate used to pull in N65000 in 5 days to pull in N75,000 without any start up capital.

VALUE: N2500
Product #20
Sales Letter Creator
If you are having a hard time in composing a powerful sales letter like the one you are reading on this page, then you need to have this software.
It is an easy to use "Fill In The Blank" system which will enable you create high quality sales letters under 15 minutes

VALUE: N5000
Product #21
How To Browse The Internet For As LOW As N1000 Monthly
If you don't have enough to buy the N17,000 and hate going to the cafe to browse the internet, then this is what you need.
In this report, you will find a step by step guide on how to do this using your Nokia Bluetooth Enabled Phone

VALUE: N2000
Product #22
How To Write “Killer”Advertising That Can Make You Rich
Writing adverts are very simple. But writing killer adverts that will make you cash ..... that is the hardest part.
With the help of this report, composing adverts that sucks money into your bank account will become a piece of cake
VALUE: N1500
Product #23
Confident Speaking UNLOCKED - First Edition
Not everyone has the ability to speak in front of an audience. You might be one of them.
Not anymore! This report actually boost your self confidence in order to sway your listeners and make them begging for more.
VALUE: N2500


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I would appreciate it if u can drop ur gsm numba in ur reply to me. Thanks for ur unequalled-never seen free tips


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the info.Am glad and i truly want you to guide me through to a genuine online business and also be my online mentor.I will be glad.

I work in Lagos presently and i want to go into online business with the hope of retireing into it.'re probably wondering just what your investment for all of this will be..?

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